"mainstream music, but better"

"mainstream music, but better"

"mainstream music, but better""mainstream music, but better"

About Us

Night Water Project

Night Water Project is a side project created by Derek Shanely. Derek wanted to create a unique image that surrounds his music and creativity. His musical image and style consists of original compositions, arrangements, recording, and mixing and mastering portfolios. Derek also likes to help others succeed. He enjoys helping others who are in need of music for their projects for their videos, advertisements, etc. Derek has released a handful albums under the Night Water Project name as well as many singles; they are available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Some of his music is played at Hersheypark during their Candylane season as well as on Lancaster radio station The Voice. If you are looking for the rights to record or use any of the songs written or recorded by Night Water Project, send us an email!

Some of the other things Derek helps with are:
- piano/instrumental music
- handbell music
- soundtrack/film music
- music clips for commercials/ads
- hold music and voice for businesses
- a cappella arrangements
- small mixing and mastering projects
- music for charity and fundraising events
- small recording sessions/performances

Q & A

What's your favorite musical instrument to play?

- I enjoy both guitar and piano, but enjoy playing piano more.

How many years did you take lessons on guitar or piano?

- I never took lessons. I actually taught myself.

Do you ever play live?

- Yes, I play live but not often. It's usually for private or special events. I'm more of a studio musician.

Who are your favorite mainstream musicians?

- I really look up to Michael W. Smith, Billy Joel, Rob Thomas, Jim Brickman, and James Horner to name a few.

What do you think about the music industry today?

- It has drastically evolved over the years. Streaming songs online is now just as popular if not more than purchasing an album. There are pros and cons; however, a pro for an indie artist is that you can more easily get your music out there to the public.

Do you arrange music?

- I have and still do arrange college a cappella music. 

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